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Matt O'Brien

Matt O'Brien

Commencing his property career at the age of 19, Matt O’Brien clearly saw the potential the future held and throughout his time in the property and real estate industry, Matt has experienced many wonderful successes in the past 24 years and these achievements have led him to gain an extensive understanding of residential, commercial and industrial property sales and management.

Constantly undertaking training to keep abreast of the ever changing legislation and ways to do business better Matt is seen by many of his peers as a leader in the industry.

In 2015 Matt decided to create Homes Group a mid-size independent agency in St Albans, and with his progressive ideas, innovation and industry foresight, the Homes Group brand has grown.

As true leader, Matt attributes much of his success to the talent and capabilities of his hand selected highly experienced team. “My team understand the dream and understand the vision of Homes Group. Our growth and success is achieved by setting new records, exceeding clients expectations and having transparent systems and procedures.

Continually providing outstanding service to his Vendors, Landlords and Purchasers, Matt continues to keep a great name and reputation in the industry. His to-the-point, friendly personality ensures that all people who deal with him are continually updated and satisfied. If you are looking for experience, knowledge, and results, then call Matt today on 0422 107 733.